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 The Staff, our jobs & information
 Posted: Jul 11 2014, 01:01 AM
Saph // Offline
402 posts
27 years old
Bitey Mad Lady
All of time and space. Where do you want to start?
Head Admin

The Staff

This is the current staff that we have here on TSC. In order to help you better - and just so you know a bit about us - we've decided to have some general information and an introduction from each of us!

Head Admin: Saphira

I'm Saph, and I'm the original founder and creator of Time, Space, & Chips! I've been around nine years with it, though activity has dipped here and there. I'm a private music teacher for violin, viola, and cello, and have a degree in music education. I love writing and reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy. Some of my other favorites, besides Doctor Who, includes Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Game of Thrones. I watch more tv shows than is good for me and have more recently taken up video gaming as well. I love plotting, and am generally here to help!


  • Missy / The Master
  • Gwen Cooper
  • Lysithea
  • Mara Evans
  • Benjamin Crawley


In charge of general admin things. This includes:

  • has ultimate say in decisions/problems
  • can answer questions and moderate members
  • graphics, information, setup, etc.
  • accepts/comments on profiles
  • recruiting and advertisement
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 07:28 PM
Doctauri // Offline
57 posts
29 years old
For Our Lord and Master
Awesome and TERRIFYING

Co-Admin: Doctauri

I make no claim towards world dictatorship. I do not expect to succeed Elizabeth Windsor when the sad day eventually comes. But here, on this forum, I have awesome... and terrifying power.

Okay... the real version jerks

I'm Doctauri - a misnomer that was hung on me by a friend way back from the mists of time. There was a The at the front of the Doctauri but I dropped it quite a while back. I'm an assembly technician, spot-welder and tooling engineer. Highschool graduate - homeschooled by a single mother - nothing fancy - but I build computers, play video games, listen to audio plays by Big Finish and make gifs and music videos in my spare time and write far more than I should.

I've known Saphira 'round about thirteen years now - and I've been tied to this board since the beginning; but not always as the Doctor. Originally I was just Centauri and the Rani. But after a LONG trudge through several unsuitable Doctor's (and a somewhat heated debate with Saphira) I finally took the plunge with the various incarnations of the Doctor's and have been neck-deep in them ever since.

I grew up on Doctor Who as a child - with my mom it was Star Trek. With my estranged father it was Doctor Who and just about the only thing we ever bonded over. Despite the bad memories I have of him - the moments when he'd act like a dad when we'd watch the show have made the show very special to me and I try to maintain that in all my writing. Especially the character of the Doctor who I know like a second skin by this point.

My job is to keep the story as straight as I can while trying to keep the members plots flowing. If anyone has any questions, or want to work the Doctor into a story they're doing, hit me up. I can usually find some way to make Saphira or Sylver deal with it for me.


  • The Doctor
  • Centauri


In charge of plot writing and development. This includes:

  • is second in charge, overall
  • assists in plot & subplot development/creation
  • assists in keeping characters & plots in line with Doctor Who canon
  • can comment/assist/accept applications, especially in building the character or keeping in line with canon
  • helps with board decisions
  • can help answer questions and moderate members
 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 07:37 PM
Sylver // Offline
4 posts
years old

Moderator: Sylver



  • Al Harrison
  • Claudia Tommasi
  • Gabriel St. Laorden
  • Hermes Bradford
  • Lydia Stark
  • Richard Prescott
  • Violet Stafford
  • Arianna Cruz
  • Connor Reiv
  • Giulio Raymer
  • Ivan Leroy
  • Noah Villers
  • Seth Ashbourne


In charge of community moderation. This includes:

  • generally helpful and welcoming to guests
  • can answer questions and moderate members
  • can run contests, polls, games, etc.
  • can assist in site decisions and contribute ideas

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