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 The Rules, board rules, helpful links
 Posted: Jul 11 2014, 12:36 AM
Saph // Offline
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All of time and space. Where do you want to start?
Head Admin

The Rules

General Rules

Respect & Decency
Please respect all members. If you have a problem, PM one of the staff members. And please, no offensive material on the site.
Plagiarism of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes from another person or directly off another site, such as Wikipedia. If you have a canon character, you must write your own history; no copying from the Doctor Who Wiki.
If you are going to be out for a while, drop us a line in the Absences section. It's just nice to let us know, especially for those who are roleplaying with you. This is especially true if you are going to be out for a long period of time and you don't want us to give up your canon! We will spot check activity every month or two. If you have an unaccounted absence, you may be moved into the inactive group.
When Doctor Who is airing a current season, please refrain from speaking about anything spoiler-y outside of the OOC chat thread specified for a particular episode. We have a general "wait one week" rule for episode content discussion board-wide to allow people to catch up if they missed the original airing time.
Please only link other boards (specifically roleplaying) in the advertising areas. Roleplay resource boards (RPG-D, Caution, ATF, and the like) can be linked elsewhere.
Jcink TOS
Any other rules to follow will fall under the Jcink rules or policies as stated in their Terms of Service.

User Profiles

Simply the first and last name of your character, in regular capitalization (i.e. John Smith). Titles are acceptable for Time Lords/Ladies (The Doctor).
Avatars & Signatures
There is a 250x400 pixel avatar size limit. Please do not stretch the board with the width of your signature. Also, please avoid extremely tall ones that take a while to scroll through.
This is enabled across the entire board (minus the advertising section). Additionally, there are a few available built-in templates if you'd like something pretty and easy! They are the 't1,' 't2,' and so on options when you post.

Roleplay Rules

Face Claims
We ask that you use real people (or some creature/alien from media) and nothing along the lines of anime, cartoons, or drawn art.
Canon Relatives
The non-canon relatives of a canon character are no longer going to be allowed on this board. These characters will be refused automatically.
Aliens & Powers
While we accept aliens with powers/abilities, we ask that no characters have high-leveled abilities. Time Lords are about as high as we get here. If you have questions, ask the staff. If in doubt, don't do it!
Time Lords/Ladies
We ask that you be up to the challenge of playing these types correctly. Please be creative with these characters! You may play either canon or original Time Lords (or Gallifreyans). However, no more non-canon human/Time Lord hybrids will be allowed.
Time Lord/Lady Age
We do not allow 'Time Tots' here. To make it more clear: The process to turn a Gallifeyan into a Time Lord does not happen at the age of eight. The Untempered Schism is only an initiation process. The youngest Time Lord on record was Romana, who was roughly 100 to 120. We do not allow anyone younger than 125 to have graduated from the Academy.
There is no word count, as we are trying to encourage ease of playing with less stress. Give enough to move the thread forward, but don't feel it necessary to match word count. Please look over your replies before posting for spelling, grammar, and general readability.
No god-modding, power-playing, etc. This will not be tolerated in the slightest.
We ask that you keep the board PG-13. If it contains any sort of offensive or trigger related material, please include a warning at the start of the thread.
Please do not spam members with demands to roleplay. If you want to write with someone, then go post in the plotting section or send them a polite PM.
Time Frame
We are currently set in last 2014 through early 2015. This takes place after Series 8/early Series 9 for Doctor Who and about three and a half years after the end of Miracle Day for Torchwood (with a lot of altercations for the site). You are allowed to make threads in the main forums from 2011 to the current dates. Otherwise, please include other time frames in the Past or Future forums.
Time Stamp
Please include the date of your thread in the subtitle, if you are in the present day or are leaving from then.

Last Notes

Lastly, I would like all of you to go out there and have fun! Most of these rules are rather common sense, and I don't want to feel like I'm holding you guys back. Have lots of fun, meet new people, join our community, cause a bunch of (IC) drama, and save the world!!
 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 05:12 AM
Saph // Offline
402 posts
27 years old
Bitey Mad Lady
All of time and space. Where do you want to start?
Head Admin

Helpful Links

If you need some help getting started, here are some great links for newcomers:

  • The Current Plot. The summarized and current plot of the board.

  • The Unabridged Story. The full story of the board, including past plots. (Helpful, but not necessary.)

  • The Show Canons. The list of canons from Doctor Who & Torchwood.

  • The Site Canons. This list includes open positions for the various groups, as well as 'plot bunnies' for original characters.

  • Time Lord Canons. A list of canon Time Lords from the classic series and audio plays, including descriptions to help you create the characters without having watched Old Who.

  • Face Claim. Check here to see if your celebrity is taken or to claim one.

  • Factions. Here is a detailed description of each user group. Especially helpful for original character creation or general info.

  • Faction Settings. The current storylines and general plots for each group in play.

  • Application Template. The template to create your character's profile.

  • The Galactic S.O.S. The place where you can ask questions, make comments or critiques, and get information you can't find elsewhere.

  • Citizen Logs & Plotting. Make your plot page, visit others' pages, keep track of your threads, and more here.

  • The Blue Box. Introduce yourself and talk in the chat area; this is where our community can make friends.
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