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 The Setting, of factions and groups
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 02:14 AM
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Faction Settings

When the Time Lords escaped their deaths they were forced to reopen the doors and walls they'd left shut during the Time War. With all of the universe - and even other universes - now able to enter our universe, chaos reigns supreme. Now that inter-dimensional travel is a simple hop-skip-jump away, many factions are looking to profit from the extra-galactic material, tools, weapons, and aliens that are 'washing up' on planets like Earth, Peladon, and others with an active Rift.


Composed of a (somewhat uneasy) alliance between the fragmented High Council, the overtaxed War Council, survivors from an attempt by Romana to save a handful of their people known as the Hand of Time, the remnants of the Time Lord intelligence branch (known as the Celestial Intervention Agency), the various civilian interests such as the Shobogans and the Far Outsiders and, finally, the Sisterhood of Karn, the Time Lord's are held together by a loose connection of affiliations, attempts at back-stabbing, fear of discovery, and - most importantly - the General.

Having recently regenerated, the General was the unanimous choice between the various Time Lord factions as a leader. Mostly because no side could get enough of their own people together to elect a different leader. With so many of their people dead, lost, or missing, the Time Lords are mostly bent on rebuilding the fractured remains of their homeworld (especially the ruins of Arcadia) and repopulating their devastated planet. Much like the Daleks, they've been forced to return to the beginning, and with their limited resources, it will be some time before they recover.


With Torchwood 3 supposedly obliterated and most of the rest of the Torchwood branches gone to ground or wiped out, Torchwood has gone almost completely silent. Torchwood London is one of the only functioning groups remaining. With most other branches either looking out only for themselves or involving themselves in petty wars with UNIT and the Forge, most people - even their own agents - don't hold much hope for the future of the organization. Unfortunately, with the walls of reality healed and multiple extra-dimensional incursions coming through the rift, Torchwood is one of the only groups with technology capable of protecting Earth. Unfortunately, they lack the cohesion or people needed.

Knowing that Earth is vulnerable, Captain Jack Harkness has returned and brought Torchwood Cardiff back from the ashes. Now he's working with Torchwood London and remnants in North America to rebuild Torchwood as a whole. Alongside these efforts, Jack has also been attempting to come to some sort of compromise with UNIT. But with various rogue Torchwood factions vying for control - and the Forge attempting to play UNIT and Torchwood against each other - it's been slow going. His only real success has been in meeting with Kate Stewart. But with UNIT and Torchwood's history, not even two strong leaders like Kate and Jack working together is enough to get everyone else working together... at least not yet.


Diplomatic issues between Torchwood and UNIT have never been at (what most would call) a 'high' point - but if you wanted to find a low point... well, this would be it. Scrambling to deal with issues such as the Cardiff rift and the recent incursion attempts from the Monks and the Mistress, UNIT doesn't really have the resources or time to deal with Torchwood, especially since Torchwood isn't unified - with several of their branches having seemingly gone rogue and looking to simply profit off the chaos.

Meanwhile, the Forge is on the rise - and it seems like every time Kate Stewart turns around the United Nations or some smaller group of governments is calling for the rollback of assets being funneled into UNIT. If there was ever a time for Torchwood and UNIT to work together this would be it. But how can an extra-governmental agency like Torchwood ever work with a group like UNIT? More importantly, can Kate Stewart afford to turn away assets like Jack Harkness, Mickey and Martha Smith, and their various friends?

The Forge

Looking to profit from the sudden hole in the fabric of reality, the Forge has been strengthening its resolve and power base. They're looking to invade and replace agents within Torchwood and UNIT and - if possible - various governments of the world.

Hindered by UNIT and Torchwood's efforts, the Forge is quick to manipulate the two groups into attacking each other in the hopes of slipping some resource by them before the two agencies can stop them.

The Time Agency

Comprised of a loose affiliation of former and current agents, the Time Agency has been trying to initiate diplomatic overtures with the Time Lords in the hope of gaining access to the expertise and affiliations they shared in the distant past. They've also been attempting to reign in temporal and inter-dimensional incursions from both outside and inside our universe.

Meanwhile, several groups within the Time Agency well remember how easily they were discarded during the last iteration of the Agency, many of them brainwashed or cast aside when the last temporal war ended. Their pasts - and entire segments of their memories - were erased to serve some higher purpose. Many of these agents are only in it for themselves... and some of them want to take over the Agency itself. To ensure they're never cast aside again. Some have gone rogue and left the Agency entirely. But the largest threats could be from within.

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