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 Open Threads
 Posted: Jul 13 2014, 11:06 PM
Saph // Offline
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Open Threads

This is a thread where you can put up all your open threads for roleplaying! Check here if you want to join something someone's already created, or post with the following code to add an open thread you have started to the list.

If you want to add to the list, use the following template and remove the *s when replying:

[code*][url=LINKTOTHREAD]Name of Thread[/url] <br> [i]Character:[/i] Your Character Name(s) <br> [i]Setting:[/i] Place and date <br> [i]Summary:[/i] What's happening so far[*/code]

Open Thread List

  • check back soon!
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 11:08 PM
Hale // Offline
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[url=]Eat,Drink,Play![/url] <br> [i]Character:[/i] Noah-7 <br> [i]Setting:[/i] Adventure Palace, Present Day <br> [i]Summary:[/i] Noah-7 is trying to drum up some buisness for the new gaming complex he works at. COME ON DOWN!
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