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 A Distressed Time Traveler, Flavia and The Corsair
 Posted: Oct 16 2017, 01:19 AM
Megs // Offline
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Children of Gallifrey

Working with the CIA was part of the job that Flavia hated. She knew they didn’t trust her any more than she trusted them but to their misfortune, they needed her from time to time, which worked in Flavia’s favor. This particular time was a distress call coming from a Sontaran war zone. A plea for help that had been so jumbled and mixed that there was not a clear-cut message. All that was pulled was “timelords.. help” The call had come from an unregistered destination. Which the CIA would always refuse to land if they could help it… their thoughts were more on the preservation of the strength not of helping the weak. When the CIA had asked Flavia to narrow in on a location that was safe for them to arrive that would not have them involved in the Sontaran dispute and capture the caller from a triangulated area, she knew that this was because they couldn’t narrow in on the location of the call.

It was odd when she was asked to assist on TARDIS maintenance or some such of that nature, but it was something she liked doing, something she didn’t boast about… and something that everyone knew she was quite possibly the best at. So when she was being guarded by a Timelord (who insisted that the CIA had sent him to “assist her in her work”) She laid on her back rewiring the previous triangulation landing point and manually resetting the destination for the distress signal itself.

Flavia, of course, didn’t tell her “assistant” this but she figured he caught on when the communications were cut off and they were suddenly in flight. “Calm down. There is no way to undo what I have done and we are landing in a very dangerous area so you might as well just do as I ask and help the person sending out the call…then you may have me arrested or whatever it is the CIA will come up with to have me silenced until the next dilemma when they need me comes up again.”

When the TARDIS landed Flavia pulled a display to see a well-worn man in the midst of fire. A timelord? Obviously, the heart of this TARDIS was drawn to this man as it was instinctively protecting him from the oncoming Sontaran fire.

“Don’t stand there get him in.” She sat on the chair helpless looking at her cane nearby to help her walk if she needed to get up. She waited and waited for what felt like an eternity for the Timelord and the other man to get back safely aboard the ship. Wringing her hands together she thought frantically if this could be one of her wayward Timelords that she had tried to reach out to so many times…

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The Corsair
 Posted: Oct 21 2017, 04:57 PM
Doctauri // Offline
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I Would Give Anything to See The Sky Again
Children of Gallifrey

all that matters is here and now
"The Time Lords are dead," said the Sontaran scientist working the bits and bobs of a ruined TARDIS console, "Their light has long gone out of the universe - why do we waste time with-" that was as far as he got before his body burst apart in a flash of light. Striding down the stairs of the warehouse they were skulking in - Supreme General Kratz sheathed his de-atomizer and said, "Our goal... is NOT the Time Lords. That distress call is a lure - our forces are providing the bait. The death or lack of death of the Time Lords is not our concern - they will not come even if they ARE alive. Skulking and hiding - or burning and dead - they are NO concern to us. We seek the destroyer - the skin changer - the Doctor. We used him to gain Gallifrey once - we will do it again... maintain that signal - and we will achieve victory. Sontar-Ha!"

The other Sontaran Scientists - smaller than their general - casteless and weak but highly intelligent; they bent their knee to Supreme General Kratz and went back to work. The 'TARDIS console' (if it could be so termed) was a mess of organic Sontaran tech, pieces of TARDIS and various other parts. Whatever it had taken to get it ready, "My general!" turning to face one of his military subordinates, Kratz reached out and planted a beefy paw on the soldier's armor, "Rodan! How goes the day?" bowing respectfully - Rodan said, "Our forces and the Rutan horde scour this planet as we speak - our clone slaves are dying by the trillions - our fleet is preparing to destroy the world while the Rutan force moves to intercept them,"

Rubbing his beefy fists together; Kratz said, "Your very presence brings me pleasure, Rodan. For too long have I been trapped in the depths of this pit - with these... ugh... SCIENTISTS! Innocents burning - a war brewing across the surface - the 'evil enemy' readying to destroy it all; it is a perfect picture... or, at least, perfect bait!" buried in the depths of Sontaran space - Nereytis 13 was a Sontaran mining world. Mined - primarily - by weak-willed and pathetic clones of all races (Sontarans didn't believe in slave labor; too big a chance of an uprising. So they stole genetic data from the people they conquered and grew them as workers) they were the ultimate innocents. They had no lives outside of working - no purpose outside of dying - how could a man with two hearts resist?

"You shame me, my general," Rodan said, "Were it not for me we would have our perfect trap - a Sontaran-controlled Time Lord. Were it not for the loss of my fleet and the destruction he wrought-" slapping Rodan on the back - Kratz said, "Cloning a Time Lord was the goal of weak-willed and pathetic scientists; harvesting and controlling the Doctor oozes honor! I will become LEGEND for this! When the Time Lords undid our invasion of Gallifrey - took our knowledge of their world - it was thought we never again would claim their power. But now... now we stand on the threshold of a knew era for Sontar! Soon we will know the location - soon we will HAVE Gallifrey! Sontar-Ha!"

"Ten zero eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero center," suddenly a long black shaft of wood came flying out of nowhere - striking Rodan in the probic vent and sending him to his knees. Landing atop the stunned Sontaran - the man in black grabbed the wooden shaft and jammed it into Rodan's vent; knocking him out. His face masked - clad in black - the man smiled up at Kratz and said, "Those numbers mean something... don't they?" one of the scientists working at the 'console' looked up as he entered those numbers and said, "My general! Gallifrey... we've found it! Those numbers-" tilting his head to one side - the man in black emitted a strange laugh and said, "Really? They've been going around in my head ever since I woke up - that's an important thingy, isn't it?"

Glaring at the man in black; Kratz said, "All we need now is the Doctor! The coordinates alone are not enough - you dishonor me sir! I greet you unmasked but you stand before me in shadow!" making that strange laugh again as he struck a defensive posture; the man in black said, "Oh my face wouldn't do you any good - I've no idea who I am. Doctor... doctor doctor doctor... that name is important - those numbers are important - I'm going to have to stop you, I think. Those names and that number - or those numbers and that name - they're important. I'm going to HAVE to stop you," growling - Kratz spun his commanders baton - a bolt of energy crackling across it as he shouted, "You will try! AT ARMS!!!"

Spinning under Supreme General Kratz's swing - the man in black rolled forward and flung his staff at the console the Sontaran scientists were tending. Burying itself hilt-deep in the console; the end of the staff opened up and began to beep, "I will succeed," the man in black said as the console exploded. Kratz's eyes bugging out of his head as the distress call ceased - the console taking it and the coordinates of Gallifrey with it - Kratz fired a blast of energy at the man in black and sent him flying through a wall, "I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!" throwing a piece of the wall he'd been blown through at Kratz; the man in black broke away in a limping run, "WHEN?!" he yelled back as the sound of Sontaran boots began to fill the warehouse.


"I'M JUST A DESK JOCKEY! I'M NOT TRAINED FOR THIS!!!" the agent screamed at Flavia when she hacked the TARDIS console and broke away from CIA command, "I was just supposed to watch you - make sure you - what are you doing!? STOP! Where are we going?!?!?" with a mess of freckles and crazy brown hair; the Time Lord was obviously a recent graduate from the academy, "Omega help me... first day after graduation from the agency I get press-ganged into the armies of the war council - my commander's telling me to spy on the general - THEN I GET SHOT! I only just GOT this body! Could you please-" shrieking as the console jolted hard to the left; the 'agent' said, "You're mad! UTTERLY MAD! A mad cripple - that's who they stick me with! It wasn't my fault the general wouldn't trust me! It's not my fault I got shot- WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?!?!?"

Yelping as the TARDIS materialized - dematerialized - and then materialized again (following some man in black) the agent squeaked, "Out there?!" he squeaked again; his eyes huge and round as Flavia spoke, "No! I'm not- they're SHOOTING out there!" yanking and tugging on the controls - the agent struggled to regain control of the TARDIS; succeeding in only making various lights change color and the TARDIS central column turning an obstinate red in refusal of his attempts, "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE YOU CRAZY MAD CRAZY WOMAN!!!!" squeaking again when laser blasts bounced off the TARDIS shell; the agent saw the stony determination in Flavia's eyes and growled, "I get him - we go - alright?!?!"


Collapsing to his knees as he dodged another Sontaran shot; the man in black clutched at his stomach and said, "No... no no no no! " vomiting a mess of gooey glowing energy; the man in black leaned against the wall and said, "Gotta... finish... somethings wrong - I'm wrong - something's WRONG!" he was dying - he'd been dying since he'd been born. The energy - whatever it was - he couldn't control it. It kept coming - burning through him - he didn't know why. He only knew he was wrong. Feeling the back of his neck prickle - the man in black ducked as a Sontaran fired a blast at him; reversing on his heel the man in black tossed a Sontaran grenade back at the sniper and started limp-running again. The worst of the energy seemed to be focused around his leg; understandable (what with there being about a foot-long piece of wood sticking out of his shin) but his whole body was burning with it.

He wasn't being reborn again - he knew that - something had happened when he'd been reborn that wasn't supposed to happen. And now it wouldn't STOP happening!

"HERE YOU ARE!!!" yelling in surprise as Kratz rounded a corner; the man in black ducked and slid through Kratz's legs... just as the squad of Sontaran soldiers behind him rounded the corner and ripped Kratz apart with a volley of blaster fire meant for the man in black, "Sontar-ha..." the man in black muttered as he broke off and scrambled down a mine shaft and vanished into the depths of the warehouse. Knowing the Sontarans would follow him (to their mind their leader being dead meant nothing as long as they had a target) the man in black let out a shout of surprise as he came out of his slide down the shaft and crashed face-first into a big tall cylinder with a door in it.

Bouncing off the cylinder - the man in black stretched out his senses in surprise. Where had it come from? What was it doing down here? It was familiar somehow, "Bigger..." it was bigger? No... no it wasn't... "Bigger... bigger... somewhere - somewhere it's bigger... bigger... in the... in..." suddenly the door was flung open and a young-ish boy popped out - scrambling over to the man in black, "Will you get in?!?!" squeaking in surprise as the first Sontaran came sliding down the shaft - the boy grabbed the man in black and started dragging him towards the cylinder, "It's bigger... it's... where? Where is it bigger..." shoving and pulling for all he was worth - the boy finally got the man in black through the door... just in time to catch a Sontaran blaster right in the chest. Shrieking as he was blown backwards INTO the console room; the boy landed on top of the console with a crash and shouted, "FLY! FOR THE LOVE OF GALLIFREY FLY US OUT HERE!!!"

His head coming up as the door slammed shut and the cylinder began to emit a whoosh-thump sound - the man in black smiled slowly and said, "On the inside... it's... it's BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!!!" crying out in pain as more of the energy built up in his body - the man in black collapsed and a puddle of glowing energy burst out of his mouth, "There's something wrong with him!" a funny comment from the boy - since his chest had a huge gaping hole in it, "I think he's having- he looks... he's having a neuron implosion!" scrambling over to the man in black (failing to notice the glow starting to permeate his own body) the boy knelt down next to the man in black and said, "His regeneration is failing - we've got to get him back to Gallifrey! He's... oh wait no! I think he's starting to regenerate - if he regenerates and it doesn't fail it'll stabilize and-"

Holding his own hand up as he dropped the man in black to the floor - the boy groaned and said, "Oh no that's me..." looking down at his chest - and seeing the massive hole in it - the boy glared up at Flavia and shouted, "You worthless crippled b-" and then he exploded in a flash of regenerative energy - collapsing to the deck of the TARDIS as his body started to regenerate. Groaning as he got to his knees; the man in black stretched out with his telepathic sense - his face turning towards the woman at the console, "I feel the girl I knew..." half crawling and half stumbling towards the woman; the man in black said, "I... please... somethings wrong - I know you don't I? Please tell me I know you! If I know you then you must know me- please! It's very important! I don't know me!" reaching out to grab the woman; the man in black said, "Please know me! Do you know me?"

When are you going to feel you've done enough for Gallifrey?

Have you ever thought about it?

Have you ever thought about us?
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