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 Profile Awards, all the shinies
 Posted: Nov 29 2014, 11:03 PM
Saph // Offline
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Profile Awards

The following table displays all the current awards that are available for you to earn. If you become eligible for an award you haven't already been given, simply reply to this thread and let us know!

____ of the Moment
For earning an "Of the Moments" feature.

Star Writer
For winning a forum writing contest.

Graphics Guru
For winning a forum graphics contest.

Prolific Poster: 100+
For reaching 100 cumulative posts.

Prolific Poster: 250+
For reaching 250 cumulative posts.

Prolific Poster: 500+
For reaching 500 cumulative posts.

Loyal Member: 6 Months
For being a member six months.

Loyal Member: __ Years
For being a member 'x' years.

Compulsive Character Creator
For having four or more characters.

Buddy System
For bringing a friend or two to the site.

Helping Hand
For filling a want ad character request.

For killing another personal character.

Just a Flesh Wound
For sustaining a serious injury in a thread.

Making History
For meeting a famous historical person IC.

Blast from the Past
For playing out an event from your character's past.

Back to the Future
For visiting some point of humanity's future.

Another Reality
For playing out a thread in an alternate universe.

For participation in the site Cyber-Invasion plot.

Halloween '15
For participation in the All Hallows Eternal plot.

Christmas '15
For participation in a Christmas-themed thread.

Arianna Delacruz
 Posted: Jul 11 2016, 02:28 AM
Sylver // Offline
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Children of Gallifrey


· Star Writer (for winning the 100 wc drabble contest with eighth's 'heal thyself')
· Halloween '15 for Ivan and Giulio
· Christmas '15 for Seth, Lydia, and i'll probably make something for UNIT
· Blast from the Past (Richard, Gabriel & Seth)

EDIT: I'll rearrange this with links and who "won" which award to make it easier for you and quick!<3

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