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 Groundhog Day 2.0, John & Jack / 34th century
Jack Harkness
 Posted: Nov 21 2017, 07:04 AM
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They'd been looking for this device for two weeks, and finally they'd found it. In an abandoned warehouse they'd discovered that machine, roughly shaped like a rocket with six metal arms sticking out of its torso. It had spun around in a slow, constant pace, emitting beams of pale blue light to the ceiling of the warehouse. Jack didn't really know, what he was doing, when he disassembled it and boxed up the parts, but the time agency had been adamant about that thing. It had to be shut down to prevent damage to the space-time continuum. Besides, they'd been working for months without a proper break and he just wanted to get home and get wasted.

That was yesterday. Or the day two weeks from now; however you would like to put it. The alarm clock next to his head rang like every morning for the past two weeks and Jack opened his eyes with a grunting sound. The ceiling of the small hotel room he shared with John was covered in brown-ish specks, whose origins he didn't care to discover. Nothing in here looked like 34th century state of the art, but it was probably quite cheap and the time agency didn't want to spend too much money on expenses. Stingy sons of bitches!

"John…" Jack started slowly, after he had risen in bed. "Where the hell is the time pincher… thingy?!"

The boxes with the parts they had stacked next to the wardrobe yesterday were… gone. Damn it! They wanted to return home today, after a nice breakfast, but now it looked like someone had stolen the device they were tasked to bring in. Two weeks of work wasted.

"Get up, man! We have to find it." he ordered and jumped out of bed; in his pants, of course.

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